Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney: Philadelphia divorce attorney Jennifer Brandt

Divorce, Relationships

My favorite part about being an attorney is helping people. There are a lot of emotions, so you have to sort of be the steady hand in all of that. You have to be really be strong for your clients and advocate for them.” That’s Jennifer Brandt, Philadelphia family law and divorce attorney.

Jennifer loves helping clients navigate their family law issues, making sure they fully understand the details of their case and alleviating their concerns. She takes pride in ensuring that her client relationships are true partnerships.

“I always tell clients that we are going to work together on this,” says Jennifer. “I try to give them comfort in knowing that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Jennifer is also a frequent contributor to this blog — writing on topics such as the effects of divorce on children, same-sex divorce, even pet custody. We spoke to Jennifer about her work and why she loves being part of the Avvo community. Hear what she has to say in our Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney series.

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