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What Happens to Your Digital Self After Your Death?

What happens to your digital self after your death? As technology continues to evolve, it has become a more integral part of just about every aspect of our daily lives. Despite this, it is still common for complications to arise surrounding a person’s digital assets after death. To ensure all parties involved can deal with […]

Common Fitness Scams around New Year’s

If one of your resolutions this year has you headed straight to the nearest fitness center, think carefully before signing up for a gym membership. In just one year (2017), the Better Business Bureau recorded over 6,000 complaints related to unscrupulous health club practices.   Gym advertisements make it seem as if their establishments will […]

California Consumer Privacy Act: Gaining More Control over Your Data

Data breaches have come to seem almost run-of-the-mill to modern consumers. Large-scale breaches were recently experienced by Equifax and Capital One, leaving over 100 million consumers affected in the US alone. Affected consumers have some recourse thanks to a global settlement, but for many, that’s not enough to make them feel secure. Today, consumers just tend to […]

Things to know if you’re going to self-represent in court

As a United States resident, you enjoy the right to be represented in court by an attorney—either a private lawyer you hire on your own or somebody appointed on your behalf. Outside representation is by no means required, however; you are permitted to represent yourself if you prefer.    Also known as “pro se” representation, […]

Santa Claus on the naughty list

There’s a lot to love about Santa Claus—he’s jolly, generous, and a huge fan of cookies. Although we don’t often talk about it, he also happens to be a hardened criminal—and an extremely judgmental one at that.    That’s right: Santa is not the kindly old man we’ve imagined all these years. From a legal […]

Things You Need to Know Before Flying This Holiday Season

More people fly during the holiday season than any other time of year, which means bigger lines and long wait times to get through security checkpoints all across the country. Next holiday season, with the national REAL ID Act officially in place, airport security is expected to get more complicated than ever. Beginning October 1, 2020, every […]

What to Do If You Get Caught Shoplifting

Shoplifting has a huge impact on the national economy; according to the National Retail Security Survey, this practice caused $48.9 billion in losses in 2016 alone.   Apart from its effect on the retail industry, shoplifting can have a lasting impact on alleged offenders. A citation or misdemeanor might not seem like a big deal, […]

How to Be a Good Client (and Get Better Results from Your Lawyer)

When you are a paying client, it’s easy to get into the mindset that because you are paying for a service, your lawyer (or doctor or hairstylist) should be the one to magically make everything perfect for you. It’s true that when you work with a professional, you are paying for a service, which they […]

Is Your Workplace Inclusive?

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) takes place every October, so it’s a good time to place a spotlight on the contributions that workers with disabilities can make to the workforce and highlight the requirements of workplace inclusivity.   Employers must provide employees with inclusive workplaces that are free from discrimination, intimidation, and harassment. Without proper […]