Bizarre laws that are still on the books


You may be surprised to learn these strange and bizarre laws are still on the books across America. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Strange laws involving alcohol

Laws involving alcohol sales and consumption often result from an underlying intent to prevent intoxication:


Strange laws involving animals

There are a lot of bizarre laws on the books involving animals. Here are just a few:


  • In California, you can use as many live frogs as you want in a frog-jumping contest. However, it’s illegal to eat a frog that dies or is killed during the competition.
  • If you want to feed garbage to a pig in Arizona, you’ll need to get a permit first and renew it annually. That is, unless it’s garbage from your household. Then, apparently, it’s OK.
  • If a bull that’s older than 1 year is running around loose in Missouri and nobody claims them after 3 days, it’s legal to castrate them. However, if someone does claim them within the time limit, then they must pay the finder the sum of $1.00.
  • Don’t hunt wild animals using a ferret in lieu of a hunting dog in West Virginia. It can get you up to 100 days in jail.
  • Whatever you do while visiting Natchez, Louisiana, don’t give beer or other alcoholic beverages to your elephants unless you’re keeping them inside. Drunken elephants on the street are strictly prohibited by ordinance. Don’t wrestle bears or steal alligators there, either. It’s illegal.


Finally, here’s one last word of warning. 


It’s OK to wrestle bears in Missouri, but you cannot — under any circumstances — drive with an uncaged bear in your car. Besides being a law, it’s probably pretty solid advice, too.