Should you file for divorce online?


The decision to get divorced is far from an easy one. If you and your spouse have decided that you no longer want to be married, divorce may be the best option to end your marriage and move forward. 

Typically, the divorce process involves meeting with lawyers. In some cases, a judge may also be involved in settling your divorce. During a time when in-person meetings are limited, however, you may be looking for a simpler, more straightforward option to file for divorce. Have you considered filing for a divorce online?


Can you get a divorce online?

In today’s digital age, you can do just about anything online. Believe it or not, you can even file for divorce online. The requirements vary, so you will need to look into the exact process in your state. 

For instance, the state of Georgia allows you to file for an uncontested divorce online. However, you must file the actual petition in person. 


What are the benefits of getting a divorce online?

There are several benefits to getting a divorce online:

  • Online divorces generally cost less.
  • Electronic submissions can generally be processed more quickly.
  • In many states, you can complete the process from the comfort and safety of your own home.


How do you file for divorce online?

If you’re considering an online divorce, the process varies depending on where you live. Here are the general steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Determine if you’ll use an online document company or your state’s court website.
  • Ensure that the divorce is uncontested and that you and your spouse agree to the terms. 
  • Fill out the necessary forms and provide all essential information, including the details of your divorce.
  • File your divorce papers. You may need to check with your county clerk to be sure of the process.
  • Pay the necessary fees.
  • If needed, have your spouse served with the divorce papers.
  • Prepare an agreement that both you and your spouse align on. A divorce attorney can help ensure everything is prepared correctly.
  • If required, prepare and provide supplemental forms.


How long does it take to file for divorce online?

The time it takes to complete the online divorce process can vary depending on where you live and your particular situation. In some cases, it can take as little as three months. In others, it may take up to two years. 


Who shouldn’t file for divorce online?

Just because you can get divorced online, it doesn’t mean you should. Online divorces may work well in cases where the divorce is uncontested. If you meet any of the criteria below, you may want to consider a more traditional divorce process:

  • Your spouse doesn’t want to get divorced or is contesting the divorce.
  • You and your spouse can’t reach an agreement on critical decisions, such as how to divide assets, alimony, or child support.
  • You fear for your safety or that of your children.


Are you considering divorce?

Divorce isn’t a decision you’ve taken lightly. Fortunately, if you and your spouse agree to it, and you can agree to the terms of a divorce, you may be able to make things less stressful by filing online. 

Keep in mind that even if both parties agree, divorce can be confusing and complicated. An experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the process during this stressful time so you can focus on your family and your wellbeing.