Ask Avvo: Is it legally possible to make my daughter and her friend contractual ‘best friends forever’ for Christmas?

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This question and the attorney answers originally appeared in Avvo’s Q&A Forum.

Q: “I want to legally make my daughter and her best friend “best friends forever” as a Christmas present. Is this possible? Can [I] legally draw up a contract or other document that would make this legally binding or official? If so, what type of agreement would it be and where would it be registered? What would the general costs be and what would they receive to prove they did this? I am considering having this done for my daughter and her best friend as a Christmas present.”

A: “A Motion and Order to Declare A and B Best Friends Forever. Any competent attorney can draft such a motion. It will consist of the standard of law to apply, the findings of facts as presented to the court, conclusions of law and a legal ruling. The unfortunate part is that no matter how well crafted, it will be denied because judges just don’t have a sense of humor. You see, of the four things I mentioned, none of them actually exist in law. So, no, you cannot do what you want to do and make it stick in a legal sense.

But, as a Christmas gift, you could have your lawyer draft a sham pleading that looks real and will likely make everyone involved feel good. It can’t be presented or enforced, but isn’t it the thought that counts? Merry Christmas!” — Gainsville, Florida, attorney Jeffrey Price

“Although I think it is a nice gesture, in the great state of Florida, there is no legally recognizable document or principle that can officially create ‘BFF.’ Perhaps you can make such a document, beautifully crafted, and enshrined in a plaque. Present these plaques to your daughter and her BFF. Merry Xmas!” — Gainsville, Florida, attorney John Campo

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