From DJ school to babyccinos: 7 hipster parenting trends

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Norms around child rearing naturally change from generation to generation. But the hipster demographic, already known for making eclectic choices, has definitely raised the bar.

If you haven’t heard of these millennial hipster parenting trends already, they could be popping up at a craft beer establishment near you:

  1. Exchanging sippy cup for coffee cup

The “babyccino” is making Starbucks addicts out of trendy toddlers. Choose from a decaf cappuccino or a frothy cup of steamed milk and foam.

  1. I will only answer to “Papa”

“Dad” is so suburban American. Hipster dads now want to be called “Papa.” Perhaps it’s a rekindled love affair with Ernest Hemingway, or just the enduring desire of hipsters for the old to be new again. But whether he’s Papa or Dad, every father should know his rights and responsibilities.

  1. Transforming the obvious

There is no using your carefully groomed beard to conceal that diaper-wearing infant strapped to your chest, but hipster parents have adjusted the parenting accessories. Mason jar sippy cups, ironic onesies, and leather diaper bags say, “I’m still cool, even though I have a kid.”

  1. Free-range parenting

Millennial hipsters have embraced the third-child, “free-range,” hands-off parenting style that takes some pressure off the grown-ups and gives kids freedom to roam. However, divorcing hipsters with conflicting child-rearing beliefs may find themselves in a child custody war because of this new-yet-old parenting technique.

  1. Communicate to eliminate

Diaper-free babies? Yep, that’s a thing. Some hipsters apparently “know” when their babies have to go—the term for it is “elimination communication.”

Potty training is rough enough, but making yourself suffer through that kind of bathroom stress sounds like adding insult to injury. What’s more, it just might get you in trouble with the law.

  1. The baby man bun

The man bun has, unfortunately, become fashionable. And now hipster baby boys have elevated the look, rocking baby man buns of their own. From messy to sleek, these little ones look just like the next Jared Leto.

  1. Two turntables and a burp cloth

DJ school for babies is geared toward vinyl-loving kids with an ear for a stellar guitar shred. Creating and mixing electronic music takes Mommy and Me classes to a whole new level. Just be sure to observe your neighborhood’s noise ordinance.