Author: Elizabeth Weiss


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Still No Break Time for Nursing Mothers?

In 2010, Congress passed the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law. This law protects the rights of breastfeeding mothers in the workplace, but there are plenty of employers who haven’t gotten the message. Major financial ramifications might finally be changing this awareness. Let mothers nurse – it’s the law. Breastfeeding mothers provide their infants with […]

Marijuana: Legal but Illegal

When you make money from marijuana, you must pay taxes on it. So says the IRS. Possessing, distributing, or selling marijuana, however, is illegal. So says the federal government. No matter how you look at it, pot is a booming business that one part of the government recognizes for its purposes, while another part considers […]

Legal trends: Marriage (and divorce) in 2019

Haven’t found the right Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart? Maybe you’re taking time to consider the options and select the perfect sentiment, just like many of today’s almost-marrying folks. Marriage and divorce trends change with the times, but millennials may be shaping the ups and downs of relationships more than any other generation. People […]

Is it ever wise to waive your right to counsel?

Charles Manson defended himself at his murder trial. He was sentenced to life in prison. Serial killer Ted Bundy represented himself, as did Colin Ferguson, who killed six people on a commuter train. Ferguson received six consecutive life sentences; Bundy got the electric chair. These are extreme examples of people who foolishly shunned their right […]

Four legal problems single parents face

Parents work hard to protect and provide for their children. Single parents face even greater challenges, whether they have full legal custody, are obligated to pay child support, or are completely on their own. Parental rights Unless your former spouse surrenders parental rights or has them revoked because of untoward behavior, the fact that you […]

6 things your divorce attorney wants you to do

There is no class for “How to Get a Divorce,” but the right divorce attorney will walk you through the process so you feel informed and knowledgeable at every step. That said, there are also some things you can bring to the table – things that will help your divorce lawyer obtain the best outcome for you.