Ask Avvo: Can I legally require my ex to help pay for college?

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Q: My child turned 18 this year and just started his first year of college. I want my ex to help with our son’s college expenses, including tuition and living expenses. I really feel that’s only fair. Is there any way to legally require that my ex contribute?

A: Some states extend payment of child support through college and require that both parties contribute to the college expense, and some states do not have this legal obligation. As such, you need to consider the laws in your home state to determine if your ex has a legal obligation to continue to contribute to child support and college costs.

If your state is not one where there is a college obligation, you can see if your ex will enter into an agreement with you to contribute the same amount. If you come to an agreement but your ex later reneges on the deal, the agreement can usually be enforced by a court.

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