Author: Jennifer Brandt

Jennifer Brandt

Jennifer A. Brandt is a family law attorney at the law firm Cozen O'Connor. Jennifer specializes in divorce, custody, alimony, support and distributions of assets. She also answers legal questions in Avvo's free legal Q&A forum.

Introducing a new love to children of divorce

One of the most difficult issues a divorced couple confronts in a custody matter is introducing a new significant other to the children. The party in the new relationship wants to move forward with his or her life and include the children as part of it. Meanwhile, the other party may feel threatened by this new person and be overprotective.

Online cheaters—and the rest of us—are not safe

Ashley Madison, a dating and social media website that caters to married people looking to engage in adulterous relationships, provides users with a place to chat, exchange photos, discuss fantasies, etc. But there’s a problem. Earlier this week, Ashley Madison was hacked by the so-called “Impact Team,” a group of hackers attempting to extort the company, but not for money. They want Ashley Madison to shut down, and they are threatening to expose its users’ private information, including addresses and credit card information—unless, that is, the site disappears from the Internet.

Ask Avvo: Is there anyway to make a prenup romantic?

A prenup is a contract that sets forth both parties’ rights in the event of death or divorce. These are issues that couples typically avoid discussing, especially when they’re busy planning a wedding. However, if you approach the process with an open mind, prenups can also be quite romantic.