5 Love Triangles Gone Terribly Wrong

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Having an intimate relationship with more than one person usually results in complications: anger, jealousy, private investigators, divorce, etc. Sometimes, unfortunately, a love triangle can lead to a bigger, uglier mess than you might think. Jealousy seems to turn even the best of us into monsters — or just idiots.

Love Triangle #1:  Accuse Them of Terrorist Actions

Police recalled a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Dallas last week and marched Christopher Shell off the plane after his ex-girlfriend’s new beau allegedly led police to believe (falsely) that Shell had brought explosives aboard. Kenneth W. Smith Jr.—the new boyfriend—was later arrested, but so was the falsely-accused ex, who had a few warrants out for drug charges. The feud began over the ex posting a “compromising photo” of the woman on Facebook.

Love Triangle#2: When You Just Can’t Choose

A 22-year-old North Carolina woman allegedly poisoned both her live-in boyfriend and next-door lover. Jason Whitener, the boyfriend, was taken to the hospital after drinking an antifreeze-spiked Mountain Dew; as it turns out, a muscle relaxant ended up in the next-door neighbor’s food, who investigators say Tara Jackson was having an affair with. Apparently the neighbor didn’t even know about the boyfriend, and vice versa. Both men survived being poisoned, although Whitener—who Jackson was previously engaged to—was in the hospital for three weeks, placed on life support after his organs started shutting down, and told he may not ever fully recover. Despite it all, Whitener says he still loves Jackson. Jackson was eventually arrested oh two counts of distributing a poisonous substance in food.

Love Triangle#3: Diaper Time

Astronaut Lisa Nowak drove across five states to attack Air Force officer Coleen Shipman with pepper spray at a Florida parking lot. What got everyone’s attention was that police initially reported  that Nowak wore a “Maximum Absorption Garment,” or an adult diaper in order to avoid making pitstops during the trip.  (Astronauts can’t get up to use the bathroom during launch and re-entry, so these are normally worn under their suites during training and real missions.)  Nowak and her lawyer later proved the diaper report was false, but late night comics enjoyed sketches imitating Nowak — a big scary attacker in a diaper — for days.

Love Triangle#4: Ask for Permission

Carol Hay and Kenneth Bill had dated for five years before breaking up because Bill didn’t want to get married. Forty years later, 62-year-old Hay found herself back in the love affair despite wanting to stay with her husband, police officer John Hay. Carol Hay says she felt “hounded” by Bill, who had suggested they move in together. Bill even composed a letter to John Hay, asking if it would be okay if Bill saw Carol occasionally. Carol shredded the letter, but Bill persisted and allegedly pushed Mr. Hay down a flight of stairs, attacked him, then burnt the body.

Love Triangle #5: Sex, Lies, and Shopping

Patricia Walker is trying to return $1.4 million in goods to Neiman Marcus’ NorthPark Center store.  Why, you ask?  Well, because her sales associate was sleeping with her husband.  Patricia believes her husband was responsible for many of the purchases and had used them to pump up commissions for his mistress.  Walker has filed a lawsuit and may be seeking punitive damages.  While Neiman’s has a fantastic return policy, many receipts for Walker’s goods are missing, and the store is denying any prior knowledge of the affair.

Cheaters beware — your selfish act will not only hurt your spouse or beau, but your and your lover in bizarre ways.