Avvo survey finds Austin renters weary of new residents

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This article was created out of a study conducted by Avvo, to better understand how the law intersects with people’s lives, and the issues they face when engaging with attorneys and the legal system. Given that nearly every working adult pays rent and/or taxes on property, and that real estate law represents one of the largest and most routine needs for legal help in the United States, understanding tensions in the current rental/real estate market is beneficial to the landlords, renters, property owners, real estate industry professionals, and attorneys whom Avvo serves. Go here for more details on the study, and check the links at the bottom of this article to learn more about the results.

A survey recently conducted by Avvo on the experiences and attitudes of renters in Austin, found that more than eight in ten (82%) Austin-area renters believe rental prices are too high, and two-thirds (66%) wish people would stop moving to their city.

As rent in Austin continues to rise, local renters are feeling the pressure, and many are wishing they were out of the rental game altogether. When asked about the process for finding their home, 67% said it was tough to find a good place to rent, and nearly three quarters (73%) would prefer to own their own home. Many blame the growing local tech industry for causing rents to spike, as 57% of renters surveyed think the technology sector is responsible for driving the rise in rental prices.

Despite high prices, most of Austin’s renters feel happy and even lucky to have the rental they have, as seven in ten (70%) said they are satisfied with where they live and 57% say their current landlord or property manager can be described as “good people.” And being a good person matters when problems arise. Half of renters (53%) said they’d reconsider taking legal action against a landlord who upset them if the price of rent was decent or their landlord was a fair person. Fifty-one percent said they’d reconsider taking legal action if their landlord was quick to respond to calls or emails.

Renters prefer texting and transacting online, embrace technology

Austin renters may blame tech for their too-high rents, but they nevertheless appreciate landlords and property managers who embracing technology. Four out of five renters (80%) like the idea of paying rent online, and almost two out of three (60%) value signing a lease online. Nearly half (45%) would like to be able to text their landlord.

They also would be willing to pay more for certain amenities, and want their landlord to be responsive and accepting of modern subletting. Nearly one third (29%) of Austin renters would sublet their rental through Airbnb if they had space. When asked about installing a security system, 43% said they would be willing to pay more for a security system in their rental.

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