Avvo partners with Zillow on legal help for landlords

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Being a landlord has its challenges. Keeping the residence in order and handling all the repairs while keeping the place rented and profitable can be a tall order. And then, of course, there are all the rules, laws, and regulations to manage. Staying current with building codes, making sure your lease and security deposit agreements cover all the necessary bases, and obeying renter laws are crucial for keeping you in good standing and out of court.

One key aspect to staying legal while renting out a property is understanding what issues matter most to your tenants, and how to address them effectively. Chances are, sooner or later you will have a disagreement with a renter, be it over late payments, noise issues, or lingering repair issues.

To help landlords navigate the legal terrain, Avvo recently partnered with Zillow on a webinar presentation called “Why Renters Sue,” hosted by Avvo’s Chief Legal Officer, Josh King. The presentation covered the basics of what problems tend to anger renters the most, based off data from a nationwide study conducted by Avvo’s research team, and how landlords can minimize the risk of legal problems with tenants. Josh also answered a number of questions from landlords on specific scenarios they’ve dealt with in the past, including lease issues, pest problems (bedbugs), tenant screening laws, and more.

So let Avvo and Zillow make renting easier by watching the webinar here, and as a bonus, receive a promo code for 50% off legal services for landlords.