Author: Laurie Junkins

Laurie Junkins

Why Tiger Parents Should Lose Custody

We’re all aware of the Asian “tiger” parenting stereotype, which got national attention when Amy Chua published her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. While many children raised by tiger parents grow up to be professionally successful, disciplined adults—what’s the cost?

Young, Male Republicans: Menace of the Highways

Studies show mixed results for drivers by state, depending on how the term “bad driver” is defined. But when corrections are made for amount of time on the road, and irresponsible, injury-causing driving is compared, it becomes clear: very young and very old males in red states are the worst drivers.

Why Facebook-Liking Your Company is Lame

Most companies are worried about indiscreet employees that will make them look bad. But what if your employer asks you to use your personal social networks to promote the company by recommending products, talking up new features, etc.? Most of your FB friends don’t want to see you spamming work stuff…

Cleaning Up Sports: America’s Biggest Doping Scandals

You’re watching an important sporting event, maybe waiting to for a world record to be broken at the Olympics. When it happens, you feel amazed and awed—until you find out someone was on steroids. They cheated, the worst possible thing to do, which we all learn at about age 6 in the schoolyard.

The Nuttiest Presidential Hopefuls of All Time

When you think of U.S. presidential candidates in the “nutjob” category, people like Ross Perot with his charts and endless infomercials might come to mind. But Perot is mild compared to other past candidates. From vampire wrestlers to naked cowboys, here’s a few who took a shot at running the U.S.

Was the Assassination of Osama bin Laden Illegal?

Most of us were taught in school that assassinating someone in cold blood is against the law, even if he is a raging bad guy. The Nazis got tried in court, after all, and they were responsible for far more deaths than bin Laden. So, was it legal to allow Navy SEALS to kill bin Laden?

DUI On Your Record? No Problem, Go Into Politics

At some point prior to Monica Lewinsky’s unfortunate blue dress, politicians were held to the highest standards of lawfulness, and even a whiff of scandal was enough to guarantee non-electibility. You probably won’t be too surprised to know that those days are over. It seems anything can be forgiven.

Who Owns the Internet?

The Internet, once an obscure playground of hardcore nerds with newsgroup subscriptions, is now something of a life force for much of the world. But who owns the Internet? Does the United States, who started it, have control? Does Al Gore get royalties every time someone types in a URL?