Author: Laurie Junkins

Laurie Junkins

What Happens to Cruise Ship Criminals?

Over 10 million people take cruises from U.S. ports each year, but we don’t often hear news stories about crimes committed on board. According to legal experts, though, crime is far more commonplace on cruise ships than in hotels or resorts.

5 Blog Posts That Led to Libel Lawsuits

Libel and defamation lawsuits against bloggers have exploded over the past few years, as people increasingly post opinions online without thinking through the consequences. If you’re a blogger, have you thought about what might happen if someone takes offense at something you post?

What Will Happen to Qaddafi’s Frozen $30 Billion?

President Obama signed an executive order commanding the U.S. Treasury to seize the assets of Libyan despot, Moammar Quaddafi, which at $30 billion is the largest asset-freeze in U.S. history. But what does that mean, exactly? Does Quaddafi get his stuff back if he plays nice?

The DUI Capital of the USA

Drunk drivers are arguably the ultimate in dangerous narcissists, responsible for horribly maiming and killing innocents, not to mention ruining their own lives, those of their victims, and the families of both. If we can’t stop them from getting behind the wheel, how do we protect ourselves from them?

Does the Italian Mafia Still Exist?

“The Sopranos,” the HBO show based on the DeCavalcante family in New Jersey, romanticized the modern-day Italian Mafia. There’s no doubt the show was a huge hit; however, was there any truth behind it? Is the Mafia a relic of history and pop culture, or does it still thrive in America?

What’s to Stop a Terrorist From Hijacking a Private Plane?

We’ve all become used to stringent and increasingly invasive TSA security checks when traveling by air. But what about the rich people who get to fly by private jet? Do they have to go through the hassles of airport security? Can terrorists wise up and use a private plane for their own agendas?

Is the Person Next to You Carrying a Gun?

Would you feel weird knowing that the person three feet away at the diner you’re having lunch at has a gun? Gun laws have become more lax in almost every state. So in what states are you most likely to be among a bunch of people with guns? Should people who carry concealed weapons have good aim?

4 Years After Michael Vick, Dog Fighting Still Thrives

Though the number of dog fighting investigations has increased each year since 2004, it jumped dramatically in Philadelphia after Vick signed with the Eagles. Is this because of greater public awareness, reporting, and enforcement, or because new animal abusers have been drawn to the sport?

How Common Are Drugs in Prison?

Around 1,000 drug seizures occur each year in California prisons, and in random inmate drug tests, Florida prisons found 1,132 positives one year. These statistics are par for the course in most prisons across the country. There are many weak points in the system despite the anti-drug strategies.

The 6 Most Corrupt Cities in America

Corruption is a fact of life and likely as old as the first civilization. Government tends to be especially rife with corruption, given the power-money-opportunity trifecta of temptation, but some places seem to be veritable cesspools. For you budding officials, here are the six most corrupt cities.