Tech that connects: 5 cheap ways to keep in touch this holiday season

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Want to keep in touch with loved ones overseas during the holidays? These five services and apps can help by letting you message and make calls for free—or almost free.

5 great apps to keep in touch with faraway friends and family

#5 WhatsApp

Services: Messaging service that sends messages using your Internet data package or over Wi-Fi. Message people through the WhatsApp app on your phone and avoid paying potentially expensive international per-text fees. 

Compatibility: Works with many smartphones including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian, Nokia S40 and Windows Phone. 

Cost: Free trial period for the first year. After that, it’s 99 cents per year.

#4 Viber

Services: Send messages or make calls from your computer or phone over Wi-Fi or a 3G data network.

Compatibility: Download on Windows or Mac computers or to Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia, or Samsung Bada devices.

Cost: Free when communicating with other Viber users over Wi-Fi. If using a 3G network, you may be charged by your carrier. Calls to non-Viber users’ landlines and cellphones with ViberOut cost money.

#3 Skype

Services: One-to-one and group video and voice calls over the Internet, plus messaging and more. Limit of 25 people on group calls. 

Compatibility: Works with all kinds of devices, from Windows and Mac computers to smartphones, tablets, TVs and even Xboxes. 

Cost: The software is free to download. Free when calling another person with a Skype account. It does cost money to call mobile phones and landlines. You can buy credits or sign up for a low-cost subscription based on the countries you call most frequently.

# 2 FaceTime

Services: One-to-one video calls over Wi-Fi or cellular networks from device to device.

Compatibility: Works only with certain Apple devices, including iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4 or later, iPod touch and Mac computers. Both the caller and the receiver’s devices must have FaceTime software installed and have access to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. FaceTime software is already installed on newer Apple devices at the time of purchase.

Cost: Free if making calls over Wi-Fi, but you’ll be charged your carrier’s rates if you call over the cellular network. Note that people with older Mac computers may need to purchase the app for 99 cents.

# 1 Google Hangouts

Services: One-to-one and group video calls from computers and smartphones over the Internet. Limit of 10 people on group calls.

Compatibility: Available on Windows and Mac computers and on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You must have a Google Plus account.

Cost: The software is free to download and calls made on Wi-Fi are free. Most calls to landlines and cellphones in the U.S. and Canada are free. Pay low rates for calls to other international destinations.

2 more apps you’ll want

Many of the services above are free if used over Wi-Fi, so download a Wi-Fi Finder app for your particular device.

Bonus: While staying in touch with friends and family this holiday season, keep track of Santa, too!