Is Facebook creating a divorce crisis?

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People have always cheated on each other. Long before the dawn of the information age, people in supposedly committed relationships were sneaking about, looking for some clandestine action on the side. So it’s no surprise that modern technology is being used for similar purposes.

Still, as we process the Ashley Madison data breach, we might also contemplate the increasingly strong evidence that dating sites and social media are creating a wealth of new opportunities for extra-marital affairs.

Pacific Northwest family law firm McKinley Irvin put together the below infographic detailing some of the more impressive statistics about how many married people are looking for love (and other diversions) on sites like Tinder and Match, but it’s not just about dating services. Facebook is increasingly cited in divorce cases as a contributing factor to marital distress, and material shared on social media is now commonly finding its way into courtrooms as evidence.

The golden rule for those who choose to stray has always been “cover your tracks,” but these days, it seems, that task is rather tricky.

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