Flirtatious Mugshot Lands Deputy in Hot Water


A Boulder, Colorado newspaper is reporting that a deputy has been reprimanded for taking a provocative mugshot of an inmate.

Dustin Winesberry, a 22 year old registered sex offender, was brought into jail for scaling a balcony, entering a woman’s apartment and asking her to “hang out.”

When Winesberry went to jail to be processed, he flouted standard mugshot procedure and instead posed with his head cocked to the side and his hand below his chin. The deputy was supposed to retain the man until he took a proper mug shot, but instead kept the photo in the system. After supervisors found out about the photo, they made Winesberry return to take a proper picture and reprimanded the deputy.

A different kind of mugshot?

Although this incident was clearly a violation of jail policy, it does bring up an interesting question — do Glamour Shots® have a legitimate place in our correctional system?