Author: Jacqueline Savron,


Jacqueline Savron is an experienced author, journalist and freelance writer with a long-standing background in the legal industry. She shares her consumer-minded analysis on everyday legal topics, media headlines and current events via her writing for NakedLaw. Based at Avvo's HQ in Seattle, WA, her goal is to deliver readers the information they want and need to make better, more informed decisions about their legal issues and needs.

Evidence of Another Internet Bubble?

With Groupon’s $25 billion valuation and Color’s $41 million venture round for a photo app that no one quite understands, talk of “startup bubble 2.0” is growing. Is this really the era of a new Internet bubble, or are people just paranoid from failing to notice the last one till it was too late?

Avvo Is Now Rating Doctors! How Does Yours Rate?

Avvo, the parent company of NakedLaw and world’s largest lawyer ratings directory, is now rating doctors! Avvo offers free ratings and profiles for over 800,000 doctors in the United States, including the editorial Avvo Rating, patient ratings and peer ratings — in other words, Avvo is kind of like Yelp for doctors and lawyers, only […]