New marijuana survey shows changing attitudes towards pot

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According to a new Avvo survey, 75 percent of respondents in states where marijuana is legal* agreed that the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana was the right decision. Out of those people, a solid 27 percent felt even more positively about marijuana after it was legalized.

Wine is so yesterday

44.6 percent say they’d consider bringing a bag of pot to a dinner party instead of a bottle of wine. Coloradoans were the most the open to this idea, with 49 percent saying they were open to the idea.

Your new hangout: The smoking lounge

Overall nearly 40 percent say they’d consider frequenting a marijuana smoking lounge or similar public establishment that allows marijuana usage. Will these these lounges become the new “bars?”


41.4 percent of respondents would consider using a private delivery service to purchase and receive legal marijuana, with men being more likely to do so, at 46 percent, than women, just 37 percent.

The latest legalization news

*This survey was sent out to people who’ve self-identified as residents of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon or Washington State.