7 unbelievable divorce tales from around the world

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It’s easy to agree on some no-brainer reasons for divorce – abuse, alcoholism and infidelity are all common reasons to end a marriage. But what about cleaning too much, disliking a beloved film or kissing a horse?

People in the US certainly have some wild divorce stories, but we by no means have a monopoly on it; turns out people around the world get divorced for all sorts of crazy reasons:

A face not even a husband could love

Although India has a low divorce rate overall, some individual divorce cases are doozies, reports the BBC. One man sought divorce because of his wife’s terrible acne. Another man wanted a divorce because of his wife’s “excessive and insatiable appetite for sex.” Both were granted divorces.

The mother of all honeymoons

Ah, the honeymoon: uninterrupted alone time for just you, your husband – and your mother-in-law. In Italy, a new husband secretly arranged to bring his mother along on his Paris honeymoon with his bride. She was not happy about it and filed for divorce just a month after the nuptials.

Another divorce Italian style made headlines a few years ago when a 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old-wife of 77 years over an affair she had in the 1940s.

Can’t “Let It Go”

A woman in Japan couldn’t imagine staying married to a man who didn’t adore the Disney blockbuster “Frozen” and sued for divorce, according to the NY Daily News and other sources.

A broken marriage and a broken member

Many men are insecure about size, but one man in Russia did something about it by getting penile enhancement surgery. Unfortunately for him, the extension allegedly broke during sex, and his wife soon after filed for divorce.

Caught sneaking a peek

Social media and marriage don’t mix. Spouses can hook up with old flames on Facebook, arrange trysts on Twitter or even post pictures of themselves kissing a horse, which is what one woman from Saudi Arabia did. Her jealous husband divorced her for it. Also in Saudi Arabia, a man divorced his new wife after seeing her face for the first time. Ouch.

But some Saudi Arabian women initiate divorce, too. One sought divorce from her husband after 30 years of marriage because he tried to sneak a peak at her face, which she had kept under veils for decades, following the tradition of her hometown.

Tear down this wall! (because it’s dirty)

One woman’s fantasy is another woman’s nightmare. A wife in Germany divorced her husband because he cleaned too much. She put up with his obsessive cleaning for 15 years but decided to draw the line after he knocked down and then rebuilt a wall because it was dirty.

A little bird told me

A woman in China began to suspect her husband of cheating after hearing her mynah bird repeat phrases like “divorce” and “be patient.” She sued for divorce and hoped to bring the bird to court to testify.

Also from China: the man who divorced his wife for bearing him an ugly baby. But Snopes says it’s not true. Maybe there is hope for happily ever after.

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