Taking “I Quit” to a Whole New Level [Videos]

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Steven Slater, a Jet Blue flight attendant, made headlines across the country this week for quitting his job in a very dramatic fashion. In case you haven’t read the story, you can get all the details of the profanity-laced announcement he made to passengers before exiting the aircraft via the exit door’s inflatable slide here. Reaction to Slater’s stunt has been incredible – most people are hailing him a hero and are even jealous that he went through with something many have felt like doing during a bad day at work.

But Slater isn’t the only person who has taken “I Quit” to a whole new level. Here are some entertaining videos from people who just couldn’t take it one day more. And while these videos are something to laugh at, it’s important to remember that pulling off this type of public outburst can have legal consequences.

This guy’s performance quitting his job at a car factory will have you on your feet:

Continuing with the musical theme, this manager has back up dancers to entertain employees and customers alike:

This courtesy clerk can’t take one more day at the supermarket:

Fed up with his job at Dairy Queen:

Not sure why he’s quitting, but he sure is happy about it:

While he isn’t leaving on bad terms, his resignation letter written on a cake, well, takes the cake: