Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney: Seattle business attorney Joleen Hughes

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Owning a business takes a lot of belief in yourself and conviction in your ideas.” That’s Seattle, Wash. business attorney Joleen Hughes.

Joleen is familiar with the hard work her clients put into their small businesses. She started out as a rock promoter during the grunge era in Seattle, eventually owning her own artist management and concert production small business that represented music companies like RKCNDY nightclub and featured bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

As a small business owner turned business and entertainment lawyer, Joleen has a unique perspective on what it takes to make a company successful. “Most people don’t think twice about hiring an accountant or getting someone on board to do sales, but having a really good legal partner can save so much time and so much money and so much hassle,” she says.

“We are the biggest fans of our clients and we work very, very hard to work within whatever their current parameters are, whatever their current business needs are,” says Joleen. “At the end of the day, we become part of the team and that’s the greatest value we provide.”

We spoke to Joleen about her small business clients, her musical past, and why she loves being a part of the Avvo community. Hear what she has to say in our Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney series.

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