Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney: Chicago business attorney Daliah Saper

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First and foremost, the key element of protecting your brand and your business assets is knowing what you have to protect.” That’s Daliah Saper, entertainment and business attorney based in Chicago, Illinois.

Daliah, a trademark, business, sports and entertainment attorney, launched her firm on the premise that it’s crucial to know what you want in order to build your business properly. That’s why she stresses that businesses in her field find a good attorney early on in their lifetime, so that the foundation of the business is solid from day one.

“You really need to do your homework when you’re choosing an attorney,” Daliah says. “Make sure that the attorney has the bandwidth for you, has an understanding of the industry, and has the ability to explain, in simple terms, what it is he or she will be doing for you.”

We spoke to Daliah about her work and why she loves being a part of the Avvo community. Hear what she has to say in our Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney series.

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