Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney: New York traffic ticket attorney Matthew Weiss

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A good lawyer is one that explains to you what you’re up against and is honest with you, even if it’s bad news.” That’s Matthew Weiss, traffic ticket attorney in New York City.

Matthew was first involved with traffic tickets at the receiving end of the process — he got his first speeding ticket driving his Jeep when he was 18-years-old. Since that day, he has worked to help many New Yorkers be as informed as possible when it comes to fighting speeding tickets and traffic violations.

“I’m often asked, ‘Should I fight my ticket?’” Matthew says. “It really depends. It depends on the charge. It depends on the court. Often, I’ll tell a client, ‘You can fight it yourself.’ In fact, I’ll even tell a client, ‘Just pay this one, it’s not worth fighting.’ But other times, when the case is serious or it’s a tough court, then they do need a lawyer.”

We spoke to Matthew about his work as a traffic ticket attorney, his clients, and why he loves being part of the Avvo community. Hear what he has to say in our Behind the Scenes with an Avvo Attorney series.

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