Avvo study helps lawyers adapt to the habits of the New Legal Consumer

Seattle, Wash — The latest research study from online legal marketplace Avvo shows that the digital revolution has created a New Legal Consumer – those who use the internet as their guide through all parts of the legal process whether they hire an attorney or not. These new findings were introduced during Avvo’s annual conference for attorneys, Lawyernomics, by Nika Kabiri, Director of Strategic Insights at Avvo.

Like most other industries, the ways that the legal consumer is searching for help has changed with our online, on-demand world. Many begin as do-it-yourself when it comes to navigating or researching their legal situations, yet in the end four out of 10 end up hiring a lawyer. The study shows that three out of five consumers go online to investigate or try to resolve their legal situation. Of those, 42% research their specific issue; 31% research lawyers; and 16% are visiting online forums.

“Consumers start online when it comes to most everything. Think about how Expedia, Amazon, Zillow, and Uber have changed the way people find what they need,” Kabiri said. “People don’t behave much differently just because their issue is legal. They might find the right lawyer by searching on their smartphone before sitting down with them in person.”

The whitepaper released today by Avvo, “Understanding and adapting to the New Legal Consumer,” explains the findings in detail and addresses how lawyers can connect with this clientele. The New Legal Consumer seeks the path of least resistance, the study finds, and consumers expect lawyers to not only be online but to offer innovative services. The whitepaper answers the following questions for lawyers:

  • Who is this New Legal Consumer and what is the source of their perspective?
  • How do they behave as they look for legal solutions?
  • How can lawyers adapt to this consumer through small changes in their practice?

“The bottom line is that lawyers should look for ways to reach out and connect to prospective clients online in the ways they themselves might research physicians or dentists,” Kabiri said. “From a marketing perspective, the legal industry is no different from any other industry, but it’s more important here because many consumers are empowered, self-directed and taking a DIY attitude. Lawyers need to be online in a meaningful way.”

The results of the study were showcased during a business webinar held last week by Kabiri titled “Sink or swim: How to adapt to the New Legal Consumer.” Learn more about the study at the Lawyernomics Resource Center.

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