Author: Matthew Cooke

Matthew Cooke

Matthew Cooke is a longtime online writer and content producer, specializing in culture and media. He is currently the Editor/Content Manager of AvvoStories, brought to you by Avvo, the leading online legal marketplace connecting consumers and lawyers. Founded in 2006 in Seattle, Avvo provides transparent information about attorneys, with Avvo-rated profiles for 97% of practicing lawyers in the United States. A free Q&A forum with more than 9 million questions and answers, along with on-demand legal services that provide professional counsel for a fixed cost, make legal faster and easier.

Avvo relationship study: Do married men dream of divorce?

Some of the data uncovered in the study show other ongoing gender differences, particularly about the role of money in marriage and relationships. But there’s good news too, with some findings offering reason for hope, as well as an enduring belief in the opportunity for happiness with a life partner.

Prenups for love? Readers tell their stories

The decision to write up a prenuptial agreement can be a key component to help build that trust, and better understand what matters most to your partner—and to yourself. To test that theory, Avvo asked readers who had created a prenup with their partner to tell us their stories. How did composing a prenuptial agreement and having the conversation about mutual finances benefit your relationship?

The key to success for your New Year’s resolutions

Statistics show that only 8% of people who make resolutions actually follow through on them. Some would-be resolvers have even been known, in the aftermath of failure, to deny the resolutions existed in the first place. “Resolutions? What resolutions? You’ve got no proof!” Well now there’s a way to keep yourself—or a friend—honest: Avvo has created a New Year’s Resolution Contract form to help you keep your commitments.

Recent clown sightings disturb residents, baffle police

Some have speculated that the sudden influx of clowns is an elaborate, pre-autumn/Halloween prank, or perhaps even a bit of guerrilla marketing; the upcoming 2017 movie release of Stephen King’s “It,” directed by Rob Zombie, features an evil clown known as Pennywise. Whatever the case, local authorities are not amused.

Virtual ‘Pokemon’ game has real world legal consequences

Pokemon Go has taken the gaming world—and the real world—by storm, unleashing hordes of players wandering about the landscape, viewing their surroundings through cell phones while attempting to track down a Flareon or a Drowzee. The sheer number of participants, however, and the determination to locate their imaginary quarry is increasingly leading to some not-so-imaginary problems, from jaywalking to trespassing and beyond.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a man who wielded massive influence on conservative thought and practice over three decades spent on the highest court in the land, died Saturday at the age of 79, leaving a gaping hole in the center of the government’s judicial branch, and American politics in general.