Study Shows Older Workers Are the Most Career-Happy

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Fine wine, good cheese, George Clooney … some things just get better with age. As it turns out, happiness at work may just be one of them.

A new study from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that a whopping 90% of employees over age 50 describe themselves as somewhat or very satisfied with their jobs. This level of career satisfaction appeared across the board, regardless of gender, race, education, political views and income level.

The study also found that solid minorities of older workers reported that their age has had some negative impacts on their workplace experiences: Many had received negative age-related comments at the office and had been passed over for raises and promotions. However, it was much more likely for the workers to express positive feelings and experiences about their workplaces.

So, why does the older crowd have it so good at the office? Tom Smith, director of American attitude poll the General Social Survey, says the findings make sense. He told the Associated Press that since older people have already climbed the career ladder, they’re now enjoying the increased job security and higher salaries that come along with having surpassed the challenges of striving for advancement.

If you’re looking to boost your own career happiness, you can always try hiring a career coach, negotiating your salary or even switching fields. But if the findings from this survey hold true, happiness may just come with time.

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