Two Canadians Possibly Charged with Damaging US Flag


The Canadian National post is reporting that two Canadians could be charged with vandalism in a prank that swapped a Canadian flag for a US one in California.  The incident occurred the night the Canadian and US teams played each other in hockey in the 2010 Olympics.

The local police say the men had been drinking in a local bar before they climbed a steep mountain to take down the American flag. As it turns out, the flag is a commemoration to 9/11 victims and is replaced every 6 months with the help of donations to ensure it stays in pristine condition.  Because the flag was damaged in the prank, the two Canadians could be charged with vandalism.

This is (at least) the second time a prank connected with 9/11 has turned ugly — in 2009 a Harvard Law School graduate was arrested after he got drunk and set fire to a memorial chapel that contained the remains of 9/11 victims.