Author: George Thomas Jr.

George Thomas Jr.

George Thomas Jr. is a former newspaper reporter who has covered politics, science and the arts, as well as an award-winning filmmaker.

The Freedom of Information Act: The truth is out there

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ranks among the best-known laws of the land. We’re all familiar with FOIA-enabled exposés in the news media, such as the recent revelation that HUD Secretary Ben Carson and his wife personally selected a $31,000 furniture set for his office, contradicting Carson’s claims he was not involved in the […]

Can Trump refuse to meet with Mueller?

The U.S. intelligence community is convinced that Russia meddled in the election and special counsel Robert Mueller is aiming to interview the president. The question remains if the special counsel’s authority can compel Trump to answer his questions.

Must McConnell honor his DACA promise?

Democrats conceded to Republicans on the budget bill to end a government shut-down, but only on the promise from Mitch McConnell that the Senate would shortly hear debate on DACA and a resolution for “dreamers.” There may not be any legal recourse for the Democrats to hold McConnell to his pledge.

Roe v. Wade: 45 years old and still under attack

Few Supreme Court decisions are as emotionally charged as the Roe v. Wade ruling, decided on January 22, 1973, which guaranteed a woman’s right to an abortion. Opponents have been chipping away at Roe ever since, with subsequent Supreme Court rulings and a broad range of federal and state laws limiting abortion access.

Bannon et al can say just about anything about Trump

President Donald Trump’s cease-and-desist fury over Micheal Wolff’s Fire and Fury, an embarrassing tell-all book released last week, carries a lot of legal rhetoric: NDAs, invasion of privacy, and international security, among others. But none of them carry any real legal weight.

The problems with Peterson: federal judge qualifications

Matthew Peterson recently made headlines for not knowing answers to questions about fundamentals of trial law while being interviewed as a nominee for a federal judge appointment by the Trump administration. Learn about the terms he couldn’t identify and why they may (or may not) matter for a federal bench position.