Author: George Thomas Jr.

George Thomas Jr.

George Thomas Jr. is a former newspaper reporter who has covered politics, science and the arts, as well as an award-winning filmmaker.

Environmental lawsuits are the new normal

Members of younger generations are taking action to protect their future environment – by suing the people who are managing it right now. The history of legal battles about who’s responsible for the planet is only going to continue heating up.

Why gender diversity is good for business

The August 2017 disclosure of a Google engineer’s now-infamous, discriminatory-charged treatise thrust the company into the midst of the seemingly never-ending conversation about the lack of diversity, particularly when it comes to gender, in the tech industry.

The legal consequences of starting a forest fire

Two weeks after it started, the fire was only 17 percent contained. The stranded hikers were rescued the following day, but more than 500 homes were evacuated and as of September 14, portions of Interstate 84 remained closed.

Top money-making opportunities for renters

Just like homeowners, renters can tap into the short-term rental market through Airbnb. Of course, it helps if you’re on good terms with your landlord, and there are other concerns to consider. Namely, liability insurance. Not just for you, but for your landlord.

Renting your space on AirBnb–when you’re renting

While you might assume it’s not a big deal, the fact that you’re in a rental property doesn’t necessarily translate into landlord approval of your plan to re-rent part of your domicile to Airbnb guests. After all, it’s the landlord’s property, and they have a vested interest in who’s living there.