Author: Gary Alt


Gary Alt is an editor and writer based in the Seattle area. He spent much of his career in reference publishing, working on print and digital encyclopedias. For the past several years, he’s focused on editing and writing articles that put a human face on technology and, more recently, on blogs that explore legal issues. A native of St. Louis, he’s all but abandoned his dream of playing first base for the Cardinals.

Can I transport pot between states where it’s legal?

Seattle resident Randy was planning to visit his old college roommate who lives in Portland, Oregon, and he thought he’d bring along some great new marijuana edibles he’d discovered at his local (and legal) recreational pot store. He’d heard about Washington motorists getting busted by Idaho cops for carrying legally purchased pot across the state […]

Does the new tax law short-change empty-nesters?

President Donald Trump has touted the new tax law, which took effect on January 1, 2018, as the “biggest tax cut in the history of our country.” Like many of Trump’s hyperbolic claims, this one is false—both Presidents Barak Obama and Ronald Reagan presided over tax cuts that exceeded those in the GOP’s Tax Cut […]

This little-known benefit for veterans is amazing

One of the greatest fears of the elderly is that they will outlive their money. That fear is magnified—and far more likely to be realized—when a senior requires long-term care. But a special pension, provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for wartime military veterans and their surviving spouses, can help.