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Traveling during the coronavirus outbreak

On the last day of February 2020, there were eight times as many searches for the term “coronavirus” as there had been a week earlier. Searches for “cancel trip” also spiked, as did “social distancing.”    People are desperate for answers. Is it safe to travel, and where? Here’s what authorities are saying.   CDC […]

Is crowdfunding legal?

Crowdfunding is a powerful method for digital fundraising that provides a valuable opportunity to gather financial support from a variety of sources. Since the concept first took off over a decade ago, participation has skyrocketed. Top crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, for example, reported total pledges of $4,787,016,823 as of February 2020. This is only the beginning: […]

Avvo 1-on-1: How This Pandemic WIll Affect The Employment Industry

As part of Avvo’s ongoing mission to provide transparent and comprehensive legal assistance, we’re pleased to present the second installment of Avvo 1-on-1, a new question-and-answer article series featuring candid interviews with attorneys in various specific fields of law.   The goal of the series is to humanize intimidating law topics for the everyday person […]

Tax laws regarding your legalized marijuana business

The widespread legalization of recreational marijuana has sparked a thriving and highly profitable marijuana industry in several states. A notable report from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics projects that California will achieve $7 billion in annual cannabis sales by 2024. Expectations for states such as Colorado are similarly optimistic, with enthusiasts claiming that the […]

Are you paying too much in sales taxes for marijuana?

Marijuana is a booming business. Currently legal for medical use in 33 states and recreational consumption in 11. It’s in high demand among a variety of consumers.   The economic impact of marijuana can’t be denied either. According to Leafly’s annual Cannabis Jobs Report, the marijuana industry produced 243,700 full-time-equivalent jobs as of January 2020. […]

We want to help you navigate COVID-19

The world is feeling the impact of COVID-19 in nearly every aspect of life, including personally and professionally. There’s no shortage of questions or concerns as we all navigate this challenging time. With this uncertainty in mind, Internet Brands has created these resources chock full of up-to-date information that can get you through this difficult […]

Do I Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

Child custody often constitutes the most emotional aspect of the divorce process. Even when parents are largely in agreement about who should care for their children, they may struggle with the what-ifs that naturally accompany any major life change. These concerns can be eased by trusted child custody lawyers.   Child Custody Versus Divorce Lawyers […]

Can the CDC legally quarantine me in my own home?

The spread of the coronavirus may be slowing in China, but the disease continues to proliferate to an alarming extent in the United States and the EU. Many of the nation’s early cases involve the greater Seattle area, where experts believe that infected individuals quietly passed the virus around for weeks before showing symptoms.   […]

Avvo 1-on-1: What do I do after a car accident?

“…not everyone needs a lawyer for their case, but everyone needs to talk to a lawyer about their case. People tend to think they can do this on their own, which they can but it will not work out as planned.”   As part of  Avvo’s ongoing mission to  provide transparent and comprehensive legal assistance, […]

The Fight for voting rights

Many Americans take the right to vote for granted. In reality, however, the lack of voter registration, coupled with voting rights restrictions for people with past convictions means that many citizens do not have access to this fundamental right.    Past conviction is becoming less of a barrier in some areas, with select states passing […]