Author: Stephanie Reid


Stephanie Reid obtained her J.D. from Regent University School of Law and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University. After two years in private practice, Stephanie has opened her own law firm, Stephanie Reid Law. Her practice offers innovative web-based legal services for estate planning, family law and business clients. Stephanie also volunteers her time serving children engaged in family court proceedings, including those involved in the foster care system. She is admitted to practice law in Delaware and Maryland, and lives in Southern Delaware with her husband and two young sons.

The pros and cons of Trump’s proposed childcare plan

Earlier this year, presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his proposed childcare plan, which includes tax deductions for families with childcare expenses. More surprisingly, the plan calls for an unprecedented mandate of six weeks’ paid maternity leave—a measure many Americans have been clamoring for in light of generous mandatory paid leave in other countries.

Who is to blame when an online date goes tragically bad?

The evening started out innocently enough; a recently-divorced mother of three embarked on what was meant to be a step into the unfamiliar world of online dating. However, following a series of events almost too gruesome to fathom, the 40-year-old registered nurse was found dead the next morning. Is the dating site itself partially to blame?

Adoption laws and same-sex marriage

While many states have embraced the natural progression of same-sex marriage to same-sex adoption, others still cling to the “traditional” definition of family—refusing to align parentage, guardianship, and custody laws with the changing nature of today’s family makeup.