U.S. Supreme Court to decide on gay marriage this term

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The U.S. Supreme Court announced today that it will decide whether gay marriage must be allowed in all 50 states. The decision, which could resolve one of the largest civil rights questions of our time, is expected by June. Read our NakedLaw coverage and more stories below.

Same-sex marriage nears its defining moment

Nov. 2014 — It’s a little stunning to think how fast same-sex marriage has entered the mainstream. Less than 10 years ago, the thought of legal, same-sex marriage was a pipe dream even in the bluest of blue states.

Even six years ago, when he first ran for president, Barack Obama expressed deep ambivalence about the prospect of extending the definition of marriage to same-sex couples. And at the same time, numerous states were passing statutes, perhaps the most notable of which was California’s Proposition 8, that attempted to limit the definition to unions between a man and a woman.

But efforts like Proposition 8 backfired spectacularly. First, they provided a springboard for gay rights activists to challenge the restrictions in court. While this was risky, it offered the potential of a swifter path to same-sex marriage recognition than would have been possible via the state legislature. And secondly, in more progressive states like Washington and Maine, the effort galvanized citizens to preemptively enact laws officially recognizing same-sex marriage.

The results have been more impressive than gay rights activists could have dreamed. Read full article by Josh King.

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