This week in sports: NFL New Year gets pricey, Jerry Jones goes to court, and Tampa Bay cheerleaders win lawsuit

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The headlines don’t stop at the white line. Sometimes, they roll up into the tunnel, out the locker room and all the way into the courtroom. Here are the week’s biggest legal stories in sports.


STORY OF THE WEEK: Happy New Year, NFL! 

Jan. 1, Chinese New Year … NFL New Year? Hey, it’s a thing! The new NFL season officially got underway on Tuesday and was celebrated with a series of firecracker trades and free agency signings across the league. Just to name a few:

Hernandez watch: Week 5 

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial continues in Massachusetts, with a to-do list on Hernandez’s phone being entered into evidence this week. Under “Get Done,” Hernandez included a range of chores, including “Flight to Cali,” “Troll,” “Get cleats from stadium” and “Send rounds.” Rounds? Rounds! The Boston Globe is following the trial.

The fans vs. Jerry Jones 

Ticketholders from the 2011 Super Bowl who arrived at Jerry Jones’ Football Palace in Dallas only to find their seats had changed or disappeared took the Cowboys owner to court this week. Jones sparred with attorney Michael Avenatti for two and a half hours on Tuesday. Yahoo has the story.


Donald Sterling adds wife and doctor to lawsuit against NBA 

Remember this guy? He’s still around! Sterling is already suing the NBA, but he’s now added his wife, Rochelle, and two doctors to the suit, alleging that they acted as part of a conspiracy to remove him as Los Angeles Clippers owner in 2014. The Los Angeles Times has more.

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Historic salary cap increase coming 

NBA teams and players are preparing for a significant boost to the salary cap for the 2016-17 season. Attempts to “smooth” the jump broke down this week, which means that contracts are set to skyrocket at the same time that Kevin Durant and LeBron James are set to be potential free agents. ESPN has the story.

Meanwhile, down in Florida

Bucs cheerleaders win lawsuit

A group of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders settled a case against the football team for poor pay. A group of 94 cheerleaders, led by Manouchcar Pierre-Val, filed a suit last May alleging that cheerleaders were paid just $100 per game and were not paid for practice. They settled for $825,000. Deadspin has the wrapup.

FSU continues to make headlines

Florida State University has asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed by a former student who accused quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual assault. The alleged victim brought the claim against the university, saying officials at the university had knowledge of her alleged harassment.

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The woman named FSU coach Jimbo Fisher and a senior athletic department official as two staff members who knew about the accusation against Winston months before Tallahassee police gave the case to a local prosecutor. Fox Sports has the latest.

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