This week in sports: Hernandez trial kicks off, Katy Perry loves her dancing shark, and caddies finally get their time in the spotlight

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The headlines don’t stop at the white line. Sometimes, they roll up the tunnel, out the locker room and all the way into the courtroom. Here are the week’s biggest legal stories in sports.


Le’Veon Bell gets probation 

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell will spend 15 months on probation as result of his Aug. 20 marijuana possession and DUI charges. The fantasy football stud was arrested just before the season began, and his case was resolved just after the season finished. What convenient timing! ESPN has the story.

Hernandez watch: Week 2 

This week, the trial of America’s favorite tight-end-who-is-also-accused-of-murder entered its second week. The jury toured the home of Aaron Hernandez, where prosecutors allege Odin Lloyd entered the car that took him to his death, as well as the murder scene itself. Earlier in the week, Hernandez’s attorney, James Sultan, had joked about the recent Deflategate controversy with a police witness as a way of providing levity. The joke, much like the footballs, fell flat. NBC Sports has the story.

Jailed fan sues NFL for overturning Dez Bryant catch 

Colorado prisoner and perhaps the most diehard fan of America’s Team, Terry Hendrix, is suing the NFL for overruling Dez Bryant’s catch in the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. In a handwritten suit, Hendrix claimed the following:

“For the theft from and the loss of a Super Bowl, against and upon the hearts, minds, and souls of, but not limited to: Dez Bryant #88, the 2014/15 on-field offense of and to include all cheeerrrrleaders (sic), fans of and all people in or from the sovereign republic of Texas, we the respondent(s) file this our notice of intent to file suit against and upon these respondent(s) captioned herein for the sum certain amount of money $88,987,654,321.88.”

Dez Bryant is yet to comment, but CBS Sports has the story.

College football

National signing day happened! 

As it always does! And as always, the fax machine was the star of the day, proving itself still relevant in a world where literally no one else sends faxes. Sports Illustrated has a breakdown of the drama that ensues when college football staff hear that big ol’ Xerox whir into action, while ESPN has everything you need to know about this year’s recruiting classes.

No decision on whether to return Paterno statue to Penn State 

Penn State is yet to determine whether or not they should put a statue of Joe Paterno back in front of Beaver Stadium in light of the NCAA reinstating Paterno’s 112 wins. The statue was taken down after a report found that Paterno and other administrators had covered up sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky. Sports Illustrated has the story.

Meanwhile, down in Florida…

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STORY OF THE WEEK: That dancing shark is Katy Perry’s and Katy Perry’s alone

A Florida man had a dream this week: a dream of making a buck out of Katy Perry’s uber-popular “dancing sharks” from the Super Bowl halftime show. The business was short lived after Orlando-based sculptor Fernando Sosa was hit with a cease and desist letter from Perry’s lawyers, which included a request to turn over any sculptures he’d already manufactured. CNN has the story.


Rory McIlroy, former agency settle their differences 

Irish golfer Rory McIlroy has reached an out-of-court settlement with his former agency, Horizon Sports Management, over a contract dispute. McIlroy sued his agency in 2011 for a “limiting” contract; then, Horizon countersued McIlroy for breach of contract. The Golf Channel has the story.

Class-action caddies sue PGA 

A group of caddies have filed a class-action lawsuit against the PGA. The group claims that some of the money received from sponsorship on the caddies’ bibs should be going to the people wearing the bibs. Seems fair to me! Fox Sports has the story.

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