Top 10 Judge Judy Moments of All Time

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If you watch Judge Judy, you know there’s no shortage of idiots for her to devour. With so many dimwitted fools coming through her TV courtroom, viewers have been graced with some truly memorable moments. And now, we’re sharing our favorites with you. Enjoy.

1. Defendant does his best impression of a wild drunk girl.


2. Finally, someone cusses at Judge Judy.


3. Earthquake!

4. No one gets what they want when Judge Judy is in charge.

5. Shouldn’t these people be on Jerry Springer?

6. Introducing, Miss Teen South Carolina’s long lost sister!

7. Too high to lose.

8. “My whole life is ridiculous”= Best. Quote. Ever.

9. Counting is hard.

10. Judge Judy tears man apart for using a girl’s educational loan to buy rims for his car.

What do you think would happen if you went before Judge Judy?