Throwback Thursday: From Kanye to Clooney, 7 famous celebrity prenups

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Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder once said, “Today if you don’t have a prenup and you’re getting married, you ought to see a psychiatrist and not a lawyer.”

That might seem a little harsh to the average Joe, but for celebrities worth hundreds of millions, there are serious assets to protect in the (unlikely?) event their Hollywood marriage fizzles.

We combed through the Hollywood press and came up with seven celebrity couples and their purported prenuptial agreements. Some ask for money, some ask for property and some ask for … basketball tickets?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


According to reports, in the event of divorce Kim will receive $1 million for every year she stays married to Kanye until that sum reaches a cap of $10 million. She will also be allowed to keep the title to their Bel Air mansion, all gifts given to her by Kanye, including her wedding ring, and any income she makes from her TV show, clothing line and appearances.

What’s interesting is that there is no child custody clause in the agreement regarding baby North, but Kanye has, purportedly, added some verbiage that bans momager Kris Jenner from making career decisions that affect Kanye and Kim as a couple.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom


Khloe’s prenup, which will likely get some use, almost makes her sister’s look soft. Khloe asked for a $5,000-per-month shopping budget, a $25,000 monthly alimony check — mind you, they have no children together — and season courtside tickets to Los Angeles Lakers basketball games for her entire family.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


Brangelina’s prenup reportedly stipulates that each of them is allowed to exit the marriage with the assets they brought to it, or roughly $240 million for Pitt and $185 million for Jolie. Anything the couple makes while married will be put into a trust for their six children. What’s more, should Pitt cheat on Jolie, a clause states that she will be granted primary custody of their children.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake


These Hollywood A-listers also have a prenup with an infidelity clause. It states that if Timberlake strays — US Weekly reported he was unfaithful to Biel while they were dating — it will cost him $500,000. As with social media clauses, it’s not clear if infidelity clauses are enforceable in court.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 


If this Aussie power couple did divorce, Kidman will reportedly give Urban $640,000 for every year he remained married to the actress. There’s a catch, however: If Urban relapses back into drug addiction, the contract becomes null and void.

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock


Chris Rock has impeccable timing. He’s divorcing his wife of 19 years, saying the prenup they signed expired after their 18th wedding anniversary.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin


Despite gushing about his new bride at the recent Golden Globes, Clooney and Alamuddin almost didn’t make it down the aisle — or so the tabloids report — because of disagreements about a prenuptial contract. While Clooney’s reps deny the existence of a prenup, we bet his lawyer bride understands the importance of such a document. Clooney is reportedly worth over $200 million.

If a prenup does exist, there would likely be two versions: one for the U.S. and one for Britain, where the couple took out their marriage license and have a residence. If they were to go their separate ways and Alamuddin filed for divorce in England, British judges might view a U.S. prenup as unenforceable.