8 Unbelievable Celebrity Prenups

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$5000 a month for shopping. $15 million if they stay together for three years. $3 million for each year the couple stays married.

These are just a few of the terms found in the wildest celebrity prenuptial agreements. Here are our 8 favorite craziest celebrity prenup stipulations.

  1. Khloe needs $5000 a month for shopping—Recently, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom ironed out the details of their prenup. Khloe asked for quite a bit, including $5000 a month for shopping, $25,000 a month for support, and season courtside tickets to the Lakers for her whole family. I guess she wants to keep a front-row eye on her husband should they ever split.
  2. That’s $5 million a year—When Russell Crowe married Danielle Spencer in 2003, reports surfaced that Spencer would receive a minimum of $15 million if the couple stayed married for at least 3 years. They also have an agreement for creating a $3 million trust for each kid they have together. For now, the couple is still together.
  3. Say no to drugs—Country music star Keith Urban will receive $640,000 for every year he remains married to Nicole Kidman should they get divorced. But wait, there’s a stipulation. Urban can’t relapse and use drugs again. If he does, he can kiss that settlement goodbye.
  4. Where’d that napkin go?—Steven Spielberg was forced to pay his first wife $100 million after their divorce. Spielberg claimed they had a prenup written on a napkin, but the judge didn’t buy it.
  5. Cruising toward a pay day—Katie Holmes is said to earn $3 million for each year she stays married to Tom Cruise. After 11 years of marriage, this is voided and Holmes is entitled to half of Cruise’s fortune.
  6. Want to sleep with another woman? Pay me—Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards had one of the messiest and most publicized Hollywood divorces in recent history. The wildest thing to come of it? Denise had a clause that gave her a $4 million bonus if Sheen ever cheated on her.
  7. The biggest mistake is not getting a prenup at all—Before marrying Tom Arnold, Roseanne Barr fired her attorney for recommending she get a prenup. She was so in love that she was sure they would never get divorced. Fast forward four years and Arnold was collecting $50 million from Roseanne. Oops!
  8. But we aren’t even married!—Rumor has it that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—despite the fact they’re not married—have signed a prenup that ensures Jolie maintains custody of all the kids should they split up.