10 Hilarious Celebrity DUI Mugshots

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Drunk driving is nothing to laugh at. These celebrity DUI mugshots, on the other hand, well … they’re pretty freaking hilarious.

1. Nick Nolte—There’s just no way you can have this list without putting Nolte at the #1 spot. Greatest. Mugshot. Ever.

2. Lindsay Lohan—After her ridiculous lawsuit against E-Trade, I’m afraid to say anything bad about this young actress. Good thing the picture speaks for itself.

3. Paris Hilton—On this “night in Paris,” the hotel heiress and notorious party girl was charged with a DUI after some erratic driving and a failed field sobriety test.

4. Mike Tyson—The Baddest Man on the Planet was hit with a DUI after running a stop sign and nearly hitting a sheriff’s car.

5. Haley Joel Osment—He seems genuinely happy to be getting arrested for a DUI. Of course, he was also found with some marijuana, so maybe that’s what had him in such a great mood.

6. Rip Torn—In 2006, Rip Torn, who was 75 years old at the time, got ripped and decided to drive. The result was one of the most classic mugshots of the decade.


7. Kim Mattingly—Okay, so this was for public intoxication and not a DUI, but it’s far too great to be left off this list. By the way, Kim Mattingly is ex-Yankees star Don Mattingly’s wife.

8. Natasha Lyonne—Any time you have to tell the officer you’re a “movie star”, you can bet he doesn’t know or care who you are.

9. Cynthia Watros—At last count, 4 actors from Lost had gotten DUIs. But Watros clearly provided the best mugshot of the group.

10. Mel Gibson—Can you believe it’s been almost 4 years since Gibson went on his anti-Semitic tirade after getting arrested in Malibu for drunk driving? Nothing like the good ol’ days.

Which one is your favorite mugshot? Can anyone really top Nick Nolte?