Looking for Love? Avvo Releases How to Date a Lawyer Guide

World's largest online source of free legal information aims to help matters of the heart

Seattle, Wash — In the spirit of Valentine’s Day,Avvo, Inc. (www.avvo.com), the only free website that empowers consumers to handle their legal matters with confidence, released a guide on How to Date a Lawyer.

Developed from survey results, interviews with single lawyers and empirical evidence, this tongue-in-cheek legal guide will provide people with the information and guidance they need to overcome the challenges of dating in this profession, to find the lawyer of their dreams.

“The practice of law can be rewarding but it is very stressful. I think those who are dating or married to lawyers often get frustrated because we tend to take our job and our clients home with us,” said Darren Finebloom, Esq of Finebloom & Haenel. “The legal profession is one where we are always thinking of how to win our next case and always want to talk about it. Unfortunately, not everyone is as interested.”

“We hear it from both sides – people wanting to date lawyers and lawyers finding it very difficult to find the time and resources to meet the right person who can withstand their engaging personalities and demanding schedules,” said Mark Britton, founder and CEO, Avvo. “At Avvo, our goal is to empower people to handle their legal matters with confidence. In this case, we hope our How to Date a Lawyer legal guide will bring success for those struggling in the matters of legal love.”

“I can be high strung and perfectionist about certain parts of my life. It has been reported to me that I can obsess sometimes and hold others to a standard that is higher than reasonable. I can also work a lot of hours and lose perspective of other real things in life,” said a single business lawyer from Massachusetts. “My best relationship has been with a Type B personality to offset my Type A personality. A nice butt doesn’t hurt either.”

Read Avvo’s How to Date a Lawyer guide: http://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/how-to-date-a-lawyer

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