Avvo Study Helps Lawyers Understand the Online, Collaborative Mind-set of Millennials, Today’s Largest Generation

Millennials Value Transparency and Working Together with Lawyers

Seattle, Wash — The latest study from online legal marketplace Avvo® Inc. shows Millennials, defined as individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2015, view lawyers as more effective, authentic and compassionate than older generations, and Millennials take a more active role in solving their legal problems. The research, conducted by Dr. Nika Kabiri, Director of Strategic Insights at Avvo, was released today on the Lawyernomics℠ web site hosted by Avvo.

Avvo research shows that 41% of Millennials, compared to 26% of older Americans, research lawyers online when dealing with their legal issues. And in many cases, more Millennials are encountering legal issues than their older cohorts.

Fifty-one percent of Millennials reported having legal issues in the past year compared to 15% of older Americans. While most Millennials’ legal issues involve a traffic violation or DUI, 39% who have reported a legal issue in the last two years have confronted real estate and landlord-tenant issues, and one in three report having dealt with personal injury issues. And, despite their young age, about a third of them report dealing with a family or divorce law issue.

The whitepaper released today by Avvo, “Legal their way: Turning Millennial consumers into new clients,” shares these and other detailed findings on how Millennials handle their legal concerns and addresses how lawyers can connect with this generation of legal consumers.

“This is a very roll-up-their sleeves generation of consumers who research their legal issues online,” Kabiri said. “The good news is they value the skills and services of lawyers, even more so than their older counterparts. For Millennials, it comes down to transparency and pricing as to whether or not they actually hire an attorney.”

According to Avvo research, 46% of Millennials have a positive opinion of lawyers, compared to 31% of older consumers. In fact, 56% of Millennials say good lawyers are worth every penny. But, they also express anxiety when it comes to price, saying if they can figure out how to manage their legal issue by themselves, they will. Barring a DIY-approach, fixed price services may be the next-best option. And according to a 2016 Avvo study, Millennials are also more likely to want to actively participate in their legal issue, preferring to do some of the work themselves or to collaborate closely with their lawyer.

“The bottom line is that actively engaging with Millennials could be a great opportunity for many lawyers,” Kabiri said. “They are engaged and fearless when it comes to doing their research and arming themselves with information. By connecting with them in authentic and transparent ways, lawyers have the chance to win loyal and long-term clients.”

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