Lisa Bloom: Domestic Violence Allegations Against George Zimmerman [Video]

Lisa Bloom, News

In last Thursday’s video, Lisa Bloom covered the latest string of incidents involving George and Shellie Zimmerman, most notably, Shellie’s initial domestic violence accusation that has sparked a police investigation.

Hi. I’m Lisa Bloom, for You may have heard in the news, this week there is new information regarding George Zimmerman. His estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, who filed for divorce against him last week, accused him of a domestic violence incident at their home in Lake Mary, Florida.

Shelly’s 911 Call

What Shellie said on the 911 call was that George Zimmerman had threatened her and her father by patting part of his body indicating that there was a gun, that he had punched her father in the nose, and that he had taken her iPad and smashed it, and cut it with a knife. When police came, they say they did not find a gun on George Zimmerman. However, they did not search his car, and they came some time later, so he could have put the gun in the car. Curiously, his criminal attorney, Mark O’Mara, has said definitively that he did have a gun at the incident, but he was carrying a gun at that time. Mark O’Mara no longer represents George Zimmerman.

There’s also family security video showing George Zimmerman taking the iPad that Shellie Zimmerman was using to videotape him at the residence, and smashing it on the ground. With regard to the father, George Zimmerman’s father-in-law, Shellie Zimmerman’s father; there is a photo showing a small cut on his nose, although the police say they found no injuries.

Ongoing Investigation

The police are continuing to investigate the case. However immediately after reporting the incident on September 9th, via 911, Shellie Zimmerman recanted and told the police that she did not want to press charges. She did that apparently after consulting with her divorce lawyer and Mark O’Mara, who also appeared at the scene.

In many domestic violence cases the alleged victim recants, changes the story, says that he or she does not want charges to go forward. Nevertheless, police departments usually go forward and investigate. Currently, they’re trying to take that smashed iPad and look at the video, and see what it shows so they can put together all of the pieces of this case. It’s not over yet. As of now George Zimmerman has not been arrested, he has not been charged with any crime, and the police are continuing to investigate, although Shellie Zimmerman and her father have said that they do not want to press charges.

I’ll continue to take a look at this case. This is Lisa Bloom, for