#podcast-fans at Avvo: what we’re listening to now

At Avvo, we love podcasts. We’re headquartered in Seattle, where many of us commute by bus, train, ferry, or foot every day. But no matter how we get here, podcasts make the commute better. We have a Slack channel called #podcast-fans where we trade recommendations on what to listen to and what to skip, why we love it or hate it, and what’s on our radar when it comes to law and justice.

Here’s what we’re listening to now, with some commentary included from our Slack channel:

Revisionist History

Revisionist History goes back to “reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.” It’s hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, who is renowned for telling a great story from a new angle.

“Loving Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell – if anyone wants to discuss lmk!”

“I just started this one that the trainer from our Implicit Bias training recommended and it is crazy so far!”

“I’ve only listened to one episode, Foot Soldier of Birmingham. I found it very interesting, despite my aversion to Malcolm Gladwell.”

More Perfect

This podcast goes behind-the-scenes in decisions made by the Supreme Court, showing how they affect our everyday lives. USA Today said: “Even if you’ve never taken a law class or read a court case, listening to the WNYC mini-series feels like drawing a warm bath of knowledge for your brain.” We agree so much that we became sponsors of the series.

“Amazing, amazing episode! And sponsored by Avvo, too!“

“This podcast is fantastic – I just re-listened to season one this weekend. So good.”

Stay Tuned with Preet

Remember Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney who was fired after refusing to resign when asked by Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Now he’s hosting his own podcast about justice and fairness. Bharara is known for his on-going fight against corruption, financial fraud, and violent crime.

Stay Tuned with Preet is a pretty awesome show.”

Tom Petty-related podcast episodes

This recommendation, posted on the day Tom Petty’s death was announced, is for specific episodes of Grantland and Freakonomics that feature the singer.

“For those Petty fans out there, two podcasts on the rock legend for you. First one from Grantland back in 2014. They talk about Tom Petty for the last 1/3 but there’s some great throwback discussion of Game of Thrones, too, if you’re into that. And one from Freakonomics that I really liked.”

The Guilty Feminist

Hosted by comedian Deborah Frances-White, this podcast tackles topics that “all 21st century feminists agree on” while showing their fears, insecurities, and hypocrisies that “undermine their lofty principles.”

“I am enjoying the comedy podcast, ‘The Guilty Feminist.’ I especially like the opening bit, ‘I’m a feminist but,’ where comedians point out amusing inconsistencies they notice about themselves.”

Other favorites include Legal Talk Network, The New Washington, Origins, The Moth, and Snap Judgement, to name just a few.

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