It’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Meet Artie.

It’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day! As you might already know from our Dog of the Month series, we have a lot of dogs who hang out with us every day here at Avvo. This month, we’re featuring Artie and his human, Ethan Bates.

When did you get Artie and where did you get him from?

My girlfriend and I adopted Artie last August from Ginger’s Pet Rescue. This is one of the largest non-profit pet rescue organizations in WA dedicated to saving death row dogs. At first we didn’t think we would be able to adopt him because we weren’t allowed to have pets where we lived. However, we were so attached to him right off the bat that we didn’t give up—we were determined to be his forever-home. We moved to a pet-friendly apartment within a week to ensure that we could adopt him before someone else did.

How did you decide on his name?

It was the name given to him by Ginger’s Pet Rescue and because it fit him so well, we stuck with it.

How often do you bring him to work?

I bring Artie to the office anywhere from 1-3 times a week

What’s his favorite treat?

He loves peanut butter, dried mangoes, and anything with chicken.

What about Artie makes you smile?

I smile every time I look at Artie because of his under bite. He gives the best hugs when you need them (if you don’t believe me, ask him for one) and also belly flops in the mud every time we go to the dog-park– it’s hard not to laugh when he does this.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Artie is a really playful dog, he likes to jump around, pile up all of his toys in the center of the living room, and play in the snow.

If Artie were a person, who would he be?

Michael Jordan could basically fly, and Artie believes he can, too. If you’ve ever spent time with Artie, you know he is quite the athlete. He has hops and is very fast.