Pokemon Avvo

“Luring” candidates with Pokemon GO

We love Pokemon GO here at Avvo, and last Thursday we took to the streets of Seattle to share our love of the game – and of Avvo. The recruiting and marketing teams joined forces to create Pokelunch, going to the Denny Triangle area where they took over four Pokestops during the lunch rush.

“With so many of our own employees in every department playing Pokemon GO, from developers to recruiting to sales, we saw an opportunity to spread the word that we’re here and we’re hiring,” said Matt Longman, Social Media Manager for Avvo.  “Buying several lures near our office was a no-brainer.”

The team took over Pokestops at Denny and 9th, which is right in front of West Elm; in Denny Park; and at two different corners of Denny and Dexter. If you know Seattle, you know that this area is where Amazon is headquartered. It also happens to be just a few blocks from Avvo headquarters, which is at 8th and Olive. With Pikachu balloons and large signs stating: “Save your lures. This block’s on us from 11 – 2! Love, Avvo recruiting,” our teams were easy to spot.   Pokelunch was also featured in GeekWire that morning.

With Pokemon GO so popular at Avvo, staffing the team was easy.  “Pokemon GO is not only fun, it makes players explore different parts of the city, and Pokestops will inform them of local landmarks that you might otherwise have missed out on,” said Kalin Woo, Recruiting Coordinator, who helped staff the event.

According to LaQuita Hester, Technical Recruiter, many people who stopped by stayed to chat about Avvo, from our mission to product offerings, and about job openings. “We’re now in conversations with several people for roles across Avvo,” she said. “From a recruiting standpoint, Pokelunch was a huge success. And, as always here at Avvo, we had a lot of fun, too.”

Kalin pointed out that Pokemon GO, like Avvo, encourages collaboration and getting to know others. “Collaboration is huge here,” she said. “It’s pretty much like a family. We are all here to help each other succeed personally and for Avvo as a whole.”

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