Weekly Top Ten Celebrities Behaving Badly

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This week was a wild one for Lindsay Lohan and her family. Her father showed up uninvited at her apartment in LA with the cops in tow, causing a bit of a scene as Lindsay described on Twitter. And in an unrelated matter, Lindsay has also been named a suspect in the case of a missing $35K Rolex watch.

Actress Heather Locklear was arrested and charged in a hit-and-run near her home in California. Fortunately all she crashed into was a street sign, however the only reason she was found was because the incident was caught on the neighborhood’s surveillance video.

Steven Seagal, best known for his role in “Under Siege”, has been formally accused of sexual trafficking and sexual harassment by a former model who was hired by the actor to be his assistant. Even more troubling since these allegations surfaced, a number of similar accounts have been reported by other women, including Seagal’s ex-wife.

Michael Douglas‘ son, Cameron, was sentenced this week to five years in jail for dealing meth. Douglas was in court to support his son, and has even sent a letter to the judge asking him to go easy on Cameron.

On again. Off again. Who really knows? Larry King and his soon-to-be-ex wife Shawn, filed for divorce this week. Soon after, rumors started flying about infidelity, including that King slept with his wife’s sister, but then only a couple days later both have decided to postpone the divorce.

In a story that never ends, TV-reality dad Jon Gosselin fired his attorney, Anthony List, saying that he filed legal papers without his permission. List has firmly denied this.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s inspector general announced allegations that over the past several years SEC Senior Staffers spent hours surfing porn on government computers. This, as our economy sunk.

Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan claims in a lawsuit that his insurance company failed to increase his coverage as his exposure to risk grew. The exposure includes his son, who got into a car accident that severely injured a passenger.

After accusations of sexual assault were dropped by a 20-year old college student, Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was still suspended six games by the NFL due to violating the league’s rules of personal conduct.  And while he may be relieved to avoid any courtroom drama, according to many Pittsburgh fans, not so sure he should be looking forward to getting back on the field.

Director Roman Polanski‘s final appeal to avoid extradition has been denied by a California judge. This means he will in fact have to return to the United States to be sentenced for unlawful sex with a minor, in effect closing his 33-year-long legal saga.