Ask Avvo: Should I fight my school zone speeding ticket?

Traffic law, Crime

Q: I just got a speeding ticket for going 9 mph over the speed limit in a school zone. Are there increased penalties for speeding in a school zone versus a regular residential area? I haven’t had a speeding ticket in years. Should I try to fight the ticket?

A: When it comes to any traffic or speeding violation, it often pays to fight the ticket, as there can be consequences that stick with you for several years.

Nearly every state has additional penalties for speeding in a school zone, though the severity of the penalty may depend on the precise jurisdiction. School zone speeding penalties could include:

  • A double or even triple fine
  • Points on your driving record
  • An automatically suspended driver’s license

The fact that you have a clean record means that you will have a good chance fighting the ticket. I would recommend contacting an attorney in your state to do just that.

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