Author: Rebecca


Should Cyber-Bullying Be Outlawed?

In recent months, cyber-bullying has resulted in the tragic suicides of several teens and has received unprecedented media attention. Now, outraged parents and educators are demanding that laws be written to deal specifically with cyber-bullying in order to prevent it before it’s too late. Actually, 44 states already have laws regarding bullying and 30 of […]

How to Tell if the Feds Are Tracking Your Car

Earlier this month, Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old business major from Santa Clara, CA, noticed a wire poking out from his car when he took it in for an oil change. He showed his mechanic, who proceeded to remove a clunky device attached to a magnet and a battery pack. When Afifi returned home, his friend […]

Can You Be Fired for Discussing Your Salary?

If there is one question that is guaranteed to cause an awkward pause and the curling of toes, it has to be: “How much did you make last year?” For many people, discussing finances and income with friends and colleagues is seriously taboo, as evidenced by the number of etiquette columns devoted to the topic […]

The Real Difference Between “PG-13” and “R” Rated Movies

Unlike a lot of adolescent rites of passage — getting a drivers license, gambling and taking that first sweet sip of brew at midnight on your 21st birthday — seeing an R-rated movie in the theater, sans parents, isn’t determined by law. Though depending on the theater and the vigilance of the ticket sellers, it […]

Should Women Be Arrested for Breastfeeding?

In 1999, Congress passed a law affirming that breastfeeding in public is legal. In addition, 44 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location where they are allowed to be. Which translates to: pretty much anywhere. Yet, every year nursing […]

5 Foods Americans Love That Are Banned in Europe

It’s no secret that Americans love to eat. While it’s getting easier to tell what’s really in those packages on the supermarket shelves — if you care to read the label — those ingredients can still be pretty confusing. Here in the US, we chow down on foods that are actually illegal in the European […]

Green Product Fail

Green products may be better for the environment, but that doesn’t mean they work. Thanks to increasing government oversight and popular demand, products with an “organic” or “eco-friendly” sticker attached are likely to sell — even if they are virtually ineffective.