Author: Laurie Junkins

Laurie Junkins

Why Your Icy Driveway Makes You Liable

If someone slips on your icy public sidewalk, it’s your responsibility and you can be held liable. But, what about your private driveway, stairs and walkways? Should you be responsible if someone comes on your private property and falls because of snow and ice?

How to Negotiate a Better Deal

Recognizing and building our negotiating skills can, in many cases, result in huge returns. Whether you’re negotiating a new car, a bigger paycheck, or a lower cable bill, knowing a few tricks can help.

The Most Pirated Shows and Music of 2012

Pirating copyrighted material online is illegal, but millions of people do it anyway. Whether it’s because they can’t actually pay for their entertainment, can’t access it any other way, or feel entitled to it for free, people who illegally download music, movies, and TV shows do so at their own risk.

Is Your Home Based Business Illegal?

A full fifty percent of Americans work from their homes, and that number is likely to grow. What many people don’t know, however, is that a myriad of regulations exist that could make virtually any given home-based business an illegal endeavor.